Birds at Finca Cántaros

As most of the Finca Cantaros was gradually converted from pasture to forests and gardens beginning in 1994, the finca has steadily matured as a nature reserve, including dramatic increases in the bird life. There are now over 200 species on the Finca Cántaros bird list. (See below.)

We have put together a photo gallery of a selection of some of our best bird photos, representative of species more likely to be seen by birding visitors.

Clicking on any of the thumbnail photos below will open the gallery as a slide show. When the slide show screen opens, be patient while the photos load. You can then click on the large > or < arrows to go forward or back. To close the slide show and return to this page, click on the small X in the upper right corner of the page or type the ESC key.

All photos by Gail Hull.

The owners maintain a private bird feeder behind their cottage as well as a bird feeder at the Mirador for visitors, both stocked with bananas and occasional bits of papaya. Both attract a lot of the local birds and the occasional migrant, especially during the wet season. Below is a video of about half-an-hour’s worth of bird feeder activity edited down to under 3 minutes.