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Finca Cantaros’ logo represents an earthenware jar or “cántaro” in old Spanish.

Latest Finca Cántaros news! As of January 30th, 2019, Finca Cántaros ownership officially changed hands from Gail and Harry Hull III to Lilly Briggs. Read more here!

The Property. Found in international tourist guidebooks every year since 1997, Finca Cántaros in Linda Vista de San Vito is a unique property of just about 7 hectares or 17.3 acres in a cool, comfortable, tropical highlands climate. The elevation is 1150-1200 meters (3770-3900 feet) with temperatures ranging between 58-85° F (14-30° C) year round.

The property is a private nature reserve open to the public (with entrance fee) with magnificent trees, tropical gardens, 1-hectare/2.5-acre lake/wetland (Laguna Zoncho on geographical survey maps), forest trails and spectacular views of the Talamanca Mountains. We also run a well-known crafts store in the main road-side building.

From its “Mirador”/Lookout Point, the property looks west northwest toward the Coto Brus Valley and down to the thriving town of San Vito 2.5 km away. From other scenic viewpoints, the Talamanca Mountains and coastal ridges, as well as the forests of the Amistad Biosphere Reserve straddling Costa Rica and Panama can be seen.

Finca Cántaros is probably the second best known property in Coto Brus, the first being nearby Las Cruces Biological Station/Wilson Botanical Garden, a center of scientific research and intellectual life of the community just 2.5 km away. Finca Cántaros also has archeological interest, centered on its 3000-year old lake and wetlands. The San Vito area, while predominantly rural, hosts an increasingly cosmopolitan community of permanent and part-time residents from North America and Europe.

Location: Southern Zone, Pacific slope of Costa Rica. Puntarenas province; Coto Brus county. Nearest town is San Vito; the neighborhood is Linda Vista. San Vito, founded in 1952 by Italian settlers and now the Coto Brus county seat, has a population of about 15,000 in a regional population of about 55,000. The town has all services one expects in a vibrant community.

San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica) is 287 km away or about a 5-hour drive. There is daily bus service from San Vito to San Jose. The nearest intra-national commercial airport is about 74 km away in Golfito, about 1.25 hrs by taxi. An excellent airstrip outside San Vito was completely resurfaced in 2010 but currently is used for private planes and charter service only. It is about a 1.5-hr drive to the nearest quality beaches on the Pacific coast.

Hours: Open 6:30am5:00pm every day of the week and almost every day of the year without reservations. Entrance fee: Adults (age 18 +) of ₡2,000 per person for Costa Rican residents, ₡3,900 ($6.50) per person for foreign visitors; Adolescents (ages 12-17) ₡1,250 per person for Costa Rican residents, ₡1,950 ($3.25) per person for foreign visitors; Children (under 12) are free. For visitors who want to enter earlier than 7am–for birding, etc.–please contact us in advance to make arrangements. We reserve the right to close the Finca to the public at any time. And on very rare occasions, the Finca will be closed to the public for a private party, so for groups planning to visit the Finca, we recommend contacting us in advance to be sure the Finca will be open.

Camping: For information about camping on the property, please click here.

To reserve the Rancho Grande or the entire Finca for an event, please contact us well in advance. In addition to the usual entrance fees, there is a charge for renting the Rancho Grande or the entire Finca, the amount depending on the nature of the event. The minimum additional charge is ₡6,000 ($10).

Finca Cantaros from the air

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